A document signifying that the holder is authorized to enter the territory for a specified extended period of time for employment and to reside in the British Virgin Islands.


Step 1:   Customer submits application form and documents to the Front Desk

Step2:    The staff determines if the applicant if there for work purposes or other

Step 3:   If applicant is for work purposes, the "Clearance"  Notice and required documents are received from Labour Department and logged.

Step 4:   The documents are forwarded to the Processing Unit to conduct checks on the overseas Hire and sent to the Chief Immigration Officer for review and approval. 

Step 5:    Once APPROVED, it is forwarded to the Administration Unit for the "Clearance" letter to be produced and stamped.  If NOT APPROVED, the applicant is informed and can make the relevant changes and re-apply. 

Step 6:  The applicant's employer collects the "Clearance" letter and forwards to the overseas Hire.  The Clearance letter will also include the relevant information on where the Medical Forms can be obtained online.

(Effective January 1, 2018, persons entering the British Virgin Islands for the purpose of work and to reside, now have the option to either submit medical certificates from their place of origin at the port of entry, as is the current practice, or to undergo medical examinations locally with a medical practitioner of choice. 

The flexibility provided by the amended requirements means that persons are no longer mandated to have medical certificates upon entry to the territory but can opt to have their medicals done locally in order to be deemed free of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, yellow fever, malaria, plague, viral hemorrhagic fever and West Nile virus. 

Persons who choose to have their tests done abroad now also have the option of getting their tests verified by any physician registered in the BVI or at the Government Clinic which is conducted Monday to Thursday in the emergency area of the old Peebles Hospital.  

The brochures available below in the section Additional Files provide more information on the immigration medical requirements for both work permit applicants and examining physicians. The Medical Examinations Form in the section Forms can now be filled out online and the Immigration Medical Certificate to be completed by the examining physician is also available for download in the Foms sections.)

Step 7:   When the Hire arrives, they have to present the "Clearance Letter and completed Medical Forms to the Immigration Officer, at which time they are granted a two (2) week stay.

Step 8:    Applicant then submits completed Entry Permit Form(s) and required documents to the Labour Department.

Step 9:   The form is verified to ensure completeness and accuracy.  If NOT completed, the customer has to make the necessary admendments and resubmit.  When completed, fees are collected and the applicant is provided with a receipt of the transaction.

Step 10:  The Entry Permit is created and provided to the applicant.  Their passport is stamped for a one year stay in the Territory.

Supporting Documents

Valid Identification

Method of Applying

In Person

Turn Around Time

5 - 10 Business Days

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