Emancipation Celebration

This is a celebration of our ancestors' freedom from colonialism and our cultural history. During this time we showcase the culture and history of our people in grand style with extravaganzas. During the celebration, there are usually a number of activities which range from the ending of July to the first week in August.

Festival Activities:

  • Prince and Princess Pageant
  • Torch Light Procession & Opening
  • Calypso Competition
  • Gospel Fest
  • Boat Show/Races
  • Festival Village
  • Car Show
  • Miss BVI Pageant
  • Grand Parade
  • Rise and Shine Tramp (J’ouvert)
  • Festival Horse Races
  • Fungi Fest
  • East End/Long Look Festival
  • Carrot Bay Cultural Fiesta

Music Fest

The BVI Music Festival is a three-day musical and cultural extravaganza dedicated to delivering the best in international and local entertainment whilst utilizing the shores of the British Virgin Islands as its breath-taking backdrop. These festivals accommodate artist from all different types of genres.

Poker Run

The first Poker Run occurred in 2002 in which 12 boats took part. From there on, the event grew in popularity. Five years later in 2007, the event had grown up to 80 boats. In 2009, thanks to the involvement of JL marketing Firm, the event doubled its size to 121 boats.  This event is usually held at Leverick Bay Resort.

The Leverick Bay Poker Run is where participants travel over a pre-designated route and at each stop on the route draw a playing card, until they complete the route at Leverick Bay Resort & Marina. The object of the event is to have the best poker hand at the end of the run. The Poker Run has become a national holiday in the BVI Attracting a large amount of visitors from the USVI and especially from Puerto Rico. After nine years of existence this family nautical event has never experienced any incident. The event is known for promoting the "Designated Driver" rule. This means that all drivers must follow all nautical rules to ensure a safe and fun day in the water. Designated drivers are awarded for not drinking during the day of the main event.

Christmas on Main Street

The first such Main Street Christmas festival was held in 1999. Since then, this three-day event has been a popular outing for many families. There are many exciting activities such as Performances from local groups like the Fungi Band, The Heritage Dancers, Steel Pan groups to many other individual artists. 
Local vendors are also present along the main streets of Tortola to contribute to this memorable event. Every year, Christmas on Main Street increases in size and creates an occasion for families to look forward to.

Fisherman’s Day

This event takes place at the Long Bay Beach, Beef Island. It is held at the end of June over a weekend period.  Fisherman’s Day is hosted by the BVI Conservation & Fisheries Department. Like the other activities, it is a fun filled event where locals and visitors gather to see the local fishing contest where fishermen get a chance to showcase their skills.

Spring Regatta

During the summer, the BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival committee is usually very busy preparing for more fantastic upcoming racing event. 
Over a decade ago, the BVI Spring Regatta originated the rolling start format in big boat regattas that allowed competitors to experience the most racing each day. Many classes enjoyed five or more races a day, with individual classes starting shortly after the last boat in their class finished the previous race. Combined with the ability to change courses for each race, it guarantees the most racing of any Caribbean regatta. The Race Committee also recognizes the success of deep water windward/leeward courses and will bring that format back to the spinnaker classes.

Cultural Fiesta

This event is held in Carrot bay over a two week period, in the month of August commemorating the 1834 Emancipation Act, which abolished slavery. This Cultural Fiesta celebrates the different cultures of the Islands with a county fair sort of atmosphere, with plenty of food and drink.
One of the most popular events during the August festival is the ever popular, donkey race, nothing will entice a BVI crowd like a horse or donkey race.