Publication Date: 
Thursday, 3 June 2021


The National AML/CFT Policy has been developed to ensure compliance with Recommendation 2, which calls for countries to have national AML/CFT policies which, inter alia, should be “informed by the risks identified”. In the Virgin Islands’ context such risks have been identified primarily through the conduct of the Territory’s National Risk Assessment (NRA) completed in 2016, and subsequent monitoring of the relevant agencies involved in the fight against ML/TF/PF. 1.3 The VI’s Policy has been approved by the National AML/CFT Coordinating Council (NAMLCC) and the Cabinet of the Virgin Islands. NAMLCC was approved by the Cabinet of the Virgin Islands in 2016 and has the responsibility of charting the way forward on any significant policy issues that relate to or concern the implementation of AML/CFT recommendations stemming from the Territory’s NRA Report, or that may be identified going forward, whether at the domestic or international level.