No, we cannot issue a belongers card in a name you have not legally acquired. The name you enter on your application, should match your birth, baptismal or marriage certificate and deed poll if applicable. If it does not, it could delay your application.
No, you will not be required to submit supporting documents for cards issued by the Civil Registry & Passport Office in the past, provided that your records are current.
Applicants are required to appear in person to submit an application for persons deemed to belong to the Virgin Islands. This is essential for capturing applicants’ photo image and signature.
Applicants are required to produce their old manual card in person for capturing their photo image and be accommodated with the new electronic card free of charge.
Please complete an application form and submit to the Civil Registry & Passport Office, along with supporting documents evidencing the change. This applies to a change in your name, photo (including where you cannot be recognised from your current passport photo).
Cross out any mistakes. Do not use correction fluid. If you make more than three mistakes on any line or do not provide a clear signature in section 6, you will need to fill a new form.
Fees are US$125.00 which is payable upon submission of the application.

Applicants may remit payment in any of the following forms:

  • Cash
  • Cheques
  • Debit or Credit Cards
  • International Postal Money Orders
  • Bankers Cheques


If your belongers card is lost or stolen you need to report it immediately to the Civil Registry & Passport Office and to the local Police Authorities. Only after exhaustive enquiries can a replacement be issued in such circumstances and a fee of US$125.00 is remitted. The belongers card of deceased persons should be submitted for cancellation to the Civil Registry & Passport Office.
If your belongers card is damaged, you may bring it to the Civil Registry & Passport Office immediately and apply for a new one. Your belongers card is a valuable document. Keep it safe at all times and be sure it does not get lost, stolen or damaged. It is designed to cope with normal wear and tear.