You can apply for study leave through the Training Division by completing the study leave application form.
You can go to the ministry website from the home page of the government at to find out more information.
To work for the Government of the Virgin Islands, you may be a citizen (Virginislander or Belonger), or permanent resident of the Territory or authorized in writing to work in Territory under federal Immigration Act. You will only be asked for proof if an offer of employment is made to you. To work anywhere in the BVI, you need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) which you get from the local Social Security Board.
You will likely not know if you are in conflict of interest for the position until you discuss your concerns with the hiring manager when you receive an offer of employment. Upon acceptance of a job offer and your role as a public officer, you will be required to follow the conflict of interest provisions to ensure that your work and relationships are managed openly, fairly and transparently.
An officer can confirm that his/her salary is deposited by verifying his/her account balance with the officer's financial institution by phone or on-line.
Complete the payroll authorisation form and submit to the Department of Human Resources.
An officer is eligible for 14 days sick leave with pay within a calendar year.
You must give at least 12 months notice to the Department of Human Resoruces before you can retire although in some cases 6 months notice may be accepted.
One reason may be that we are still in the hiring process. We review and screen every application that we receive which takes time. One of the advantages of applying online is that you can access the status of the job that you applied for at any time to see which step we are at in the hiring process. If your contact information has changed since sending your resume, and the hiring process has not reached the evaluation step be sure to provide the necessary updated information to the location where you submitted your application. If you have a contact name for the job competition, you can look the person up in the government directory. If you have applied to many job postings and are not getting invited to interviews, it may indicate that your resume is not expressing your skills and knowledge very well. See “Top Ten Interview Tips for Preparing for an Job Interview.”
The decision to interview may depend on a variety of factors, including your ranking against other candidates, the number of positions being filled and the number of people who applied.