A locally registered architect or surveyor must file an application for permission inclusive of other required documents. The Town and Country Planning Department then conducts a review, which includes a field visit to the site. The findings along with the application are then sent to the Planning Authority, or dealt with in house.

Provided that all the correct informations is submitted and there are no challenges with the application, all applications usually take at least three to four working weeks to reach a decision. Larger developments or those likely to have significant impacts on the environment usually would take a longer period.

Of course you can. The Town and Country Planning Department welcomes the opportunity to have pre-submission discussions with developers offer guidance on developments and any other information which might be helpful. Applications can also be made for approval in principle, which requires less information than a full application package.

No. The department accepts applications and acts as the Secretary for the Planning Authority for physical development in the territory. The Planing Authority is governed by the Physical Planning Act of 2004. The Development Control section of the department investiagtes and processes each application, currently in accordance with the Land Development Control Guidelines of 1972. Processed applications are forwarded with with recommendations from the Town and Country Planning Department and reviewed by the Planning Authority who makes the decision to approve or disapprove an application.

Town and Country Planning Department, Chief Minister's Office, provides the following services to the General Public:

  • Processing of Development applications;
  • Monitoring and controlling development activities;
  • Preparing development plans
  • Producing maps and presenting graphic information

For a project developmet, you would need to submit three copies of the completed form along with three sets of drawnings containing:

  • A local Plan
  • A Site Plan
  • All floor Plans
  • Two Elevations
  • One Section
  • Details and specifications of septic or sewage system.

Proof of ownership or consent of property owners must also be provided.

Development means that carrying out of building, engineering, mining or any other earth moving operations in, on, over or under our land. The making of material change in the use of a building or other land, the subdivision of land and the display of advertisements on any part of a building or land.

  • Interior building works/ renovations.
  • Infrastructure and utilities works by the Government.
  • Agriculture and foretry activities.
  • Gates, fences, walls or any other means of enclosure not exceeding four feet along the sea or a road and six feet in all other cases.
  • Minor enlargements to existing dwelling houses (not exceeding one tenth of square footage of ground floor)

There are two cases where more simple development applications can be reviewed and approved within the department. These generally include subdivisions up to five parcels and residential developments up to five units.

The Planning Authority comprised of ten members: a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman, four other members from the private sector, and four members representing various government agencies, including Heads of Departments or Senior staff from the Public Works Department, Department of Disaster Management and Town and Country Planning Department.