Sharing your User ID or Password with another person is strongly discouraged. The reason being, you will be solely responsible for any action that person takes, if he/she signs in using your username and password.

If you are out of office and your colleague requires access to anything that you were dealing with, the correct procedure to be followed is that your Head of Department should complete the System Access form for that employee, identifying the areas or systems access that the person requires to carry on the work.

There are several options that can be reviewed until replacement equipment become available. As an option, if there are computers vacant within your office due to an officer being on leave, you can make use of that system resource as long as it is available. As an alternative, if loaner equipment maintained by DoIT is available, it can be assigned to you while your system is out for repairs. In the event that resource is also unavailable, other arrangements will be made between your department and DoIT, to ensure that productivity is not lost.

When renovating or relocating your office, written notice should be sent to the Director, at least 2 months prior. 
Upon receipt of the Notice, DoIT technicians will be deployed to conduct assessment of the new location for various factors critical for the resumption of computer services.
Prior to the established Moving Day, your staff are to label system component by User, and carefully disconnect all computer equipment.  
Notify the Department of IT, by phone or email, of the Move Day and you may proceed to move and transport the disconnected equipment.
When the move is complete, DoIT technicians will be deployed to reassemble and connect the computer equipment to the network.


The Home folder can be used for storing work related files that you classify as "private" or "confidential". The files stored in this type of folder are only available to the owner of that particular "Home" folder.
The Work folder can be used to store work related files that is to be shared between all authorized users within a specific unit or department.
The Department of Information Technology offers training in standard and supported applications at the basic, intermediate and advance levels. Courses are held in Microsoft Office Applications, Lotus Notes, JDEdwards, Basic Computer Troubleshooting and New Employee Orientation, to name a few. We also work with departments to facilitate training in other Computer systems and applications upon request.
These items are distributed from DoIT's location at the RFG Building on Flemming Street, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on a daily basis.
The computer name can be found in the System Tray located to the bottom right of your screen, next to the Task bar. By hovering your mouse over the blue, green and yellow NetSupport icon, you will see the name displayed. It can also be found in the "log on to" drop down box at the Ctrl+Al+Del screen