Yes!  Anyone from the establishment authorised by the proprietor.

No.  You must have a separate kitchen from the existing residence, designed to the specification of the Environmental Health Division.

No. To start a food business you are required to apply for a trade licence from the Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs and to also seek registration and licencing of that business with the Environmental Health Division before beginning operation of the business.

No!  Food handlers' nails must be short (meaning you cannot see the nail over the fingertips) and clean.  Long nails hold bacteria and dirt which can contaminate food.

Yes.  This is an exception in some instances.  However, where the person will be permanently employed, they must acquire a food handler's certificate from the Environmental Health Division.

Yes!  Each facility is inspected at least twice per year.  The first inspection ensures standards are maintained and the facility qualifies for licencing.  Subsequent inspections are conducted for monitoring health and sanitation standards.

Yes.  All daycares and pre-schools must be registered with the following agencies annually:

  • The Early Childhood Unit, Ministry of Education and Culture
  • The Environmental Health Division