A letter of your decision to close the establishment should be sent to the Environmental Health Division in order for us to update our records.

The proprietor must seek registration of that operation after which an inspection for licencing will be conducted.

Change of ownership must be sought with the Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs and the proof of such change must be submitted via a copy of the new Trade Licence to the Environmental Health Division.

Please follow the steps indicated for our New Food Establishment Registration and Licencing Service.

Use the Premises Self Inspection Guide Pamphlet as a guide for conducting an inspection of your premises once a week for mosquito breeding.  Eliminate any active or potential breeding containers (buckets, drums, old fridges, washers, tires etc.) by either discarding them or turning over those used for carrying water when not in use.  Cover water storage tanks and drums tightly to prevent them from being accessed by mosquitoes.

If the establishment fails inspection, the proprietor is given a report of the findings and remedial actions that need to be taken within a given time frame.  When the remedial requirements are complied with, a licence is issued.  However, where there is no compliance, steps are taken for legal action against the proprietor. 

The owner/proprietor should visit the Environmental Health Division to sign for their food establishment licence and collect it.  The licence must be displayed in a conspicuous area of the food establishment visible to the patrons.

Every Thursday morning at the Quatisky Building, downstairs in the Conservation and Fisheries conference room.  Registration is from 8:30 am to 9:00 am and the session follows from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

Call the Environmental Health Division at 468-5110 or email us at ehd@gov.vg if you have a mosquito infestation problem and feel that fogging is needed.  Please note that after a premises has been inspected by the Vector Control Officer of the Division, if someone is present at the household then the Officer will give that person an Inspection Notice.  If no one is present at the household then the Inspection Notice is left at the premises in a conspicuous place.  The premises notice is produced in English or Spanish.  Where containers of grave concern are found, a Notice of Violation (black writing on a yellow background) requiring immediate action is also placed on the container/item of concern.

A person is deemed to be a food handler if she/he engages in or assists in the carrying out of any process or operation in the sale, preparation, transport, storage, packaging and wrapping, service or delivery of food.