The vision of the Governor’s Office is to be a model of excellence and a premier catalyst for institutional change, development and continuous improvement in the Government of  the British Virgin Islands.



The Governor is the representative of Her Majesty the Queen in the British Virgin Islands.  The Constitution gives the Governor certain responsibilities which include oversight for external affairs, defence and internal security, administration of the Courts, and the terms and conditions of public officers.  By tradition the Governor is also Head of the Public Service, Chairman of Cabinet and the National Security Council.  

The laws of the Virgin Islands also pass to the Governor certain responsibilities in relation to elections, disaster preparedness, and the prison amongst other matters. 

The Governor’s Office supports the Governor in the discharge of these responsibilities and enables him to carry out his programme of public functions. 


Services and Responsibilities

The Governor’s Office will:

  • Provide an effective channel of communication which ensures that the concerns of the Government of the British Virgin Islands are understood by the United Kingdom Government and vice versa;
  • Conduct the business of Government of the British Virgin Islands, with all other countries and international organizations except where authority has been devolved to the Premier or relevant Ministry e.g. CARICOM and OECS;
  • Provide Chairmanship for Cabinet Meetings, the National Disaster Management Council, the Prerogative of Mercy Committee, Old Government House Museum Management Board and the National Security Council;
  • Liaise with the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) and other law enforcement agencies to ensure effective law enforcement in the Territory and implementation of the elements of a Criminal Justice Strategy;
  • Work closely with the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Prison Superintendent to ensure a well managed and safe prison;
  • Liaise with the Department of Disaster Management and other relevant bodies to improve disaster management capability in the Territory;
  • Ensure close cooperation with the Deputy Governor’s Office in the areas of elections and passport affairs, application for naturalization as British Overseas Territories Citizens (BOTC) and public service administration;
  • Liaise with the BVI Airport Authority, Air Safety Support International, Virgin Islands Shipping Registry and the BVI Ports Authority to maintain effective oversight of aviation and maritime safety and security;
  • Respond to telephone enquires and written requests for information from members of the public in the British Virgin Islands and overseas within 10 working days of receipt;
  • Handle complaints from members of the public about the service provided by the Public Service and provide a response within 10 working days of receipt;
  • Administer the Overseas Territories Programme Fund, the Overseas Territories Environment Programme and the Chevening Fund;
  • Respond to requests for the exercise of the Prerogative of Mercy;
  • Facilitate the extension of treaties and conventions, such as international human rights instruments, to the British Virgin Islands;
  • Co-ordinate visits for dignitaries, VIPs and various UK government officials with other government departments;
  • Process recommendations for Queen’s Honours and the Certificate  and Badge of Honour;
  • Receive requests for Her Majesty The Queen’s congratulatory messages for British Virgin Islanders who are 100 years of age or older and couples who have been married for 60 years or more;
  • Maintain, staff, and open Old Government House Museum to the public every Monday to Friday except on public holidays;
  • Host receptions for charitable events, international conference/meetings and local events at the Governor’s Residence;
  • Work with the BVI Government on economic matters and all the financial services sector on meeting international regulatory standards.



Employment Opportunities Within The Department

Closing Date
Assistant Secretary

Assistant Secretary

Role Summary 

The successful applicant will conduct research in addition to implementing and assisting in the coordination of effective legislation, strategic policies for regional affairs as directed by the Chief of Staff.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Provides assistance and support to the Chief of Staff in the formulation of policy and administration for the Governor’s Office to maintain the efficient delivery of services.
  2. Conducts research and assists with policy development, analysis and delivery in line with the requirements of the Governor’s Office.
  3. Writes numerous correspondences to local and external persons, agencies and departments in order to respond to the needs of the public.
  4. Monitors the implementation of the Government Legislative Agenda and strategic management initiatives to ensure that execution of such initiatives is consistent with original objectives.
  5. Represents the Governor’s Office at meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences and other official functions locally and overseas to ensure presence of the Group and to represent its interests.
  6. Assist with screening for Chevening Scholarships to ensure the process runs efficiently.
  7. Monitors incoming correspondence to remain current with a wide range of information and to assist with necessary follow-up action.
  8. Provides support to government ministries on strategic management to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the Public Service.
  9. Manage the appointment process for the relevant service commissions, councils and committees.
  10. Serve as Secretary and liaison to committees chaired by the Governor.
  11. Performs any other duties as required by the Chief of Staff or other senior officers in order to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Department.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Management, Public Administration or related field
  • Five (5) years working experience in a management capacity
  • Excellent knowledge of Government structure, policies and procedures
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Good knowledge of the use of standard office equipment and computer applications
  • Good analytical and decision-making skills
  • Good interpersonal and organisational skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Good supervisory and management skills
Closing Date:
19 December 2022
19 December 2022

Department Contact Information

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