Licensing of Motor Vehicle

Licensing of Motor Vehicle

Requirements to license a vehicle:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Insurance certificate that is valid for no less than 3 months and no more than 1 year.


Motor Vehicle Registration

You are required to register a vehicle if:

  • Importing a vehicle into the territory
  • Purchasing a new vehicle from a Local Dealership



Driver's License - Name Change


You may change the name on your Driver's License if:

  • You have legally changed your name.
  • You are a female and recently got married.

Driver's License Test - Theory

Driver's License Theory Examination

  • The first phase of the Driver’s License Test consists of a theory examination. Applicants are tested on their knowledge as it relates to the rules and regulations of the Road Traffic Act, Amendment and Regulations. 


Department of Motor Vehicles


To provide efficient and accurate services in vehicle licensing matters and to promote driver safety in compliance with the road traffic legislation of the Territory.


The overall objective of the Department of Motor Vehicles is to ensure the safety of operators, passengers and vehicles on the public roads.

Core Values

In providing service to you, we are committed to: