No. MSIRA reports may not be used in any proceedings where the purpose, or one of the purposes, is to apportion blame or liability

MSIRA draft reports are issued in confidence. You may only share the contents with an advisor for the purposes of making a formal response in writing to the chief marine accident investigator.

You will have 30 days to respond in writing

Persons who may be affected by the report’s contents and others with a substantial interest in the MSIRA investigation will be given the opportunity to comment of the draft report before final publication.

The chief marine accident investigator is appointed directly by the governor and the authority is functionally independent from government.

Marine Safety Investigation & Reporting Authority (MSIRA)


It is the aim of the Marine Safety Investigation & Reporting Authority to carry out investigations to determine the causes of accidents at sea, publish reports that include recommendations on improving safety at sea, increasing awareness of how marine accidents happen and improving national and international co-operation in marine accident investigations.


Our priorities are to: