Internal Position No.: 
JR 44 of 2020


1.Plan, implement, coordinate and supervise extension, marketing and research programmes within the Fisheries Unit in order to ensure sustainability of the BVI fishing industry. Duties to include the following: applications for scientific research providing information on impact on fisheries resources

    b.conduct Environmental Impact Assessments

    c.coordinate activities for regional and international fisheries initiatives

    d.develop literature, brochures and scientific reports to inform persons of matters relating to fisheries management

    e.provide information for mapping spawning areas and other important habitats and fisheries resources

    f.identify and demarcate fisheries priority and protected areas

    g.source, upkeep and maintain an inventory of research equipment

2.Supervise fish surveillance and enforcement activities and oversee the demarcation of fisheries priority and protected areas.

3.Assist the Fisheries Officer(s) to provide information for the development of local fisheries legislation and implement international legislation relating to fisheries management in order to ensure Fisheries Legislation, Regulations and Policies are drafted and up to date.

4.Assist licensed commercial fishermen with the following to ensure they are able to carry out their fishing activities:

     a.Duty free importation of boats, engines and fishing equipment

     b.Coordinate licensing and registration of fishermen and fishing vessels to ensure correct policies and procedures are being followed

     c.Obtaining loans from local banks and other institution for the purchase of fishing gear and equipment

5.Develop and maintain the infrastructure for fishermen e.g. landing sites to ensure they are supported in their industry and are able to carry out their duties in a safe environment.

6.Assist with the planning and implementation of activities for public awareness on relevant environmental events.

7.Coordinate activities and training programmes for fishermen and fishermen cooperatives to ensure correct policies and procedures are being followed.

8.Perform any other duties as required by the supervisor or senior officer in order to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the department.

Skills and Competencies

• Bachelor’s degree in Fisheries Management, Biology, Marine Management or a related field

• Three (3) years’ experience in a related area

• Certified Scuba diver

• Sound knowledge of Government structure, policies and procedures

• Sound knowledge of law enforcements principles and practices, domestic fisheries legislation and regulations

• Sound knowledge of Fisheries Management and marine research techniques

• Expert analytical and decision-making skills

• Expert SCUBA diving skills, identify different species of fish and operate boats

• Sound knowledge of BVI fishing grounds

• Sound knowledge of the use of standard office equipment and application computer applications

• Sound supervisory and managerial skills

• Sound oral and written communication skills

• Sound interpersonal and organisational skills

Closing Date: 
Thursday, 22 October 2020
Vacancy Listing: