Internal Position No.: 
JLSC 3 of 2020

Role Summary

The role of Chief Parliamentary Counsel is to provide advice to Senior Officers on legislation, the impact of international and regional policies on the Territory and Parliamentary procedures, as well as supervise the drafting of legislation in order to ensure the legality and accuracy of proposed and existing legislation.

Main Responsibilities

1. Manage the Parliamentary division, supervise staff and advise the Attorney General to ensure effective and efficient department management.

2. Research relevant topics in order to draft all primary, subsidiary and imperial legislation.

3. Ensure consistency and harmonization between proposed and existing legislation in order to make recommendations for updating legislation.

4. Keep abreast of Government policies and prioritise in order to advise on what legislation and mechanisms are necessary to implement policies as well advice on the legality of existing      and proposed legislation.

5. Remain current in developments in the areas of law commonly practices and with international and regional Treaties and Protocols in order to monitor the impact that these may have to  the Territory.

6. Represent the British Virgin Islands at meetings and critique the resulting draft legislation resulting to facilitate the harmonization and interpretation of such draft legislation under the   laws of British Virgin Islands.

7. Accompany the Attorney General or lead meetings with officials and Ministers in order to explain the policies informing draft legislation and to initiate advice wherever necessary.

8. Attend sittings of the House of Assembly in order to advise on draft legislation being presented for debate, advise on Parliamentary procedure and prepare amendments to Bills to facilitate their enactment.

9. Prepare written opinions on the interpretation of legislation as requested in order to assist in the implementation of legislation.

10. Collaborate on related projects in particular with the Law Reform Commission to discuss the legality and harmonization, reform, and revision of legislation.

11. Perform any other related duties as required by Supervisor or any other senior officer in order to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Department.

Minimum Qualifications

 Bachelor’s Degree in Law or equivalent from a Common Law jurisdiction

 Advanced training in legislative drafting

 Ten (10) years’ experience in drafting of legislation in a relevant jurisdiction

 Admitted to the BVI Bar or imminent Call or other common law Bar qualifications

 Experience of assisting a Parliamentary/Legislative Body with a passage of legislation

 Expert knowledge of Government structure, policies and procedures

 Expert knowledge of law reform, statute revision and consolidation procedures

 Expert knowledge of regional and international laws

 Demonstrated ability to understand Government policies and to draft the legislation needed to implement those policies

 Demonstrated ability to analyse legal situations and propose legislative solutions

 Demonstrated ability to implement policy instructions with integrity

 Strong interpersonal and organisational skills

 Sound knowledge of the use of standard office equipment

 Expert oral and written communication skills

 Expert research and analytical skills

 Excellent leadership and managerial skills

 Ability to work under pressure

Closing Date: 
Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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