Internal Position No.: 
MCW 14 of 2016


The successful applicant will assist with the installation, operation and maintenance of the sewerage systems, equipment and plant to ensure the effective and efficient running of the Unit..


  1. Assist with the installation of sewerage systems and connections to ensure correct standards and procedures are adhered to.
  2. Assist with maintaining an inventory of supplies in order to complete requisitions of tools and equipment needed to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in completing tasks.
  3. Assist with the operation and maintenance of sewerage treatment plants, sewerage and sewerage related systems, equipment and plant to ensure they are well maintained.
  4. Assist with water operations and maintenance activities.
  5. Construct manholes, reinstate roads and other concrete structures.
  6. Perform any other related duties as required by Supervisor or any senior officer in order to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Department.


  • High School Certificate or equivalent
  • Two (2) year experience in plumbing and installation of pipelines (preferably in sewerage works operations)
  • Valid BVI driver’s license
  • Good knowledge of Government structure, policies and procedures
  • Good understanding of the operation and maintenance of a sewerage system
  • Good understanding of the equipment, tools and plant associated with the sewerage system
  • Sound understanding of the nature, hazards and preventative measures associated with the sewerage system
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Good time management and organisational skills
  • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work as a team player
Closing Date: 
Friday, 27 May 2016
Vacancy Listing: