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As the Records Management Unit is small and the RM programme is still in its fledgling stages, the following is a list of the career posts one could eventually expect to see operating in the Virgin Islands:

  • Chief Archivist and Records Manager (Director of the National Archives) 
  • Government Archivist (Deputy Director) 
  • Government Records Manager (Deputy Director) 
  • Records Centre Supervisor 
  • Archivist’s Assistant 
  • Records Management Assistant
  • Micrographics Technician 
  • Conservator
  • IT Manager

In larger countries such as the United States the United Kingdom, Australia, Belize, Canada and elsewhere, there are numerous career posts and specializations that one can pursue in Archives and Records Management.

The following links can help you explore more of them:

No.  There are restrictions to trade for a particular commodity or consignment.  Contact the department for further information.

Yes, the new phones use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for placing and transmitting telephone calls over an IP network such as the Internet.

We do not have After School Programmes. All programmes for youth will be administrated through our BeYOUth Centre which will be launched in 2021.


Yes - The annual tonnage fee and maintenance fee charged as per Fees Schedule.