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No. Soil is not transferred from one country to another.

No. An employer must have a valid and fair reason for dismissing a worker at all times, including during the probationary period. That reason must be connected with the worker’s ability to perform or his conduct on the job or redundancy where the job has been abolished.

No. An employer is only permitted to extend your probationary period where it is in your interest to do so. For example, he or she may extend your probationary period where your absence from work due to illness or injury makes your actual working time on the job insufficient for your employer to make a fair assessment of your suitability for the job.

Yes!  Anyone from the establishment authorised by the proprietor.

The Partnership for Peace Programme is a court mandated programme, but allows for someone to volunteer on becoming a part of the programme. Please view the steps for the Partnership for Peace Programme on this website or you can contact the Office of Gender Affairs for more information.