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No. The closing date is the last day you can apply for the job. The vacancy notice will specify the acceptance period for electronic submissions or, if a hard copy is required, whether or not your application should be either received or postmarked by the closing date.
On 23rd June, 2010 Cabinet decided to cease the rehiring of retired personnel. If there is an exceptional public interest in retaining the services of a public officer reaching the retirement age of 60 the person should be retained as a public officer instead of being allowed to retire and then immediately be re-engaged. Otherwise the retirement age of 60 is to be applied strictly. Consideration might be given to re-engaging such officers if they had been out of the service for more than two years.
No. Public officers are required to use his or her earned annual leave within the year it is earned.
Yes. The Government of the Virgin Islands is committed to fostering a climate of continuous learning where employees have access to a variety of learning opportunities and supports for career advancement. If you want to change your career path, learning opportunities are widely available to support your career transition. For more information, contact the our Department or your human resources manager.
Yes. If you have retired from the Public Service you are eligible to maintain your health insurance. To continue health insurance it will be at the retiree rate and you may have to complete the Bupa Addition, Cancellation or Change Form.