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Yes, that individual will need to obtain a work permit as this arrangement is construed as engaging in employment in respect to the Immigration and Labour laws of the Virgin Islands.


Yes.  Part-time employees are eligible for sick leave, provided that you have worked for at least four months.

Overtime is ordinarily given to daily and hourly rated pay and not salaried employees. However, if your salary does not compensate adequately, the employer may be required to pay you overtime even though you have been classified as a salaried supervisor. In this case, you should seek the guidance of a Labour Officer at the Labour Department.

Yes, all persons not deemed to Belong to the Virgin Islands, not holding a valid Certificate of Residence or Exempted from the requirement of a work permit are required to have a valid work permit to engage in gainful employment in the Virgin Islands.

Please complete an application form and submit to the Civil Registry & Passport Office, along with supporting documents evidencing the change. This applies to a change in your name, photo (including where you cannot be recognised from your current passport photo).
You must give at least 12 months notice to the Department of Human Resoruces before you can retire although in some cases 6 months notice may be accepted.

Of course you can. The Town and Country Planning Department welcomes the opportunity to have pre-submission discussions with developers offer guidance on developments and any other information which might be helpful. Applications can also be made for approval in principle, which requires less information than a full application package.

One reason may be that we are still in the hiring process. We review and screen every application that we receive which takes time. One of the advantages of applying online is that you can access the status of the job that you applied for at any time to see which step we are at in the hiring process. If your contact information has changed since sending your resume, and the hiring process has not reached the evaluation step be sure to provide the necessary updated information to the location where you submitted your application. If you have a contact name for the job competition, you can look the person up in the government directory. If you have applied to many job postings and are not getting invited to interviews, it may indicate that your resume is not expressing your skills and knowledge very well. See “Top Ten Interview Tips for Preparing for an Job Interview.”

A location must be identified and the floor plan submitted for review.  If the design meets specification, a conditional letter is issued by the Environmental Health Division stating that a trade licence can be granted.  After the proposed establishment is inspected and the inspection is passed, a food establishment licence is issued by the Environmental Health Division.

Actually, we are all records managers to some degree. Whether in our personal lives or professional careers, we all manage records of some sort whether they are emails, bills, checks, vouchers, correspondence, proposals, music, videos, photographs or any other document that records what we do in our daily lives. As such, learning solid records management techniques can help enhance the quality of our life and those around us by giving us skills that make us more efficient, effective and helpful in whatever we do.
The decision to interview may depend on a variety of factors, including your ranking against other candidates, the number of positions being filled and the number of people who applied.
Yes, an officer can relocate to another department with their existing extension in many cases. However, in the event an officer cannot utilize their existing extension, they should contact the Telephone Services Management Unit for assistance.

You probably won't get the money all at once.  Please note that the bank will require that you send in purchase orders or invoices before releasing any part of the funds. It is imperative that monies borrowed are used for the purposes for which they were granted. 

Yes, the telephones will work if the location has backup power (UPS/Generator) supplying electricity to the Network Cisco Switch.

Yes!  The trade licence is a conditional licence that authorises ownership of the business but it does not set regulatory standards for operation of the food establishment.  All food businesses are regulated under the Public Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations 1972.

Food Handler's training and certification for the sister islands is specially scheduled by the Environmental Health Division and advertised or announced in advance for food handlers and food business operators.

Yes.  This training is compulsory for all food handlers (temporary or full time).

Persons who may be affected by the report’s contents and others with a substantial interest in the MSIRA investigation will be given the opportunity to comment of the draft report before final publication.

Where a worker has worked at least four months he is entitled to vacation leave on the same basis as the part-time employee.

An employee is entitled to receive his or her wages for the period of his or her vacation leave no later than the last working day before he or she proceeds on vacation leave.

Yes, all NPOs operating within the territory must be registered under the NPO Act, 2012.
The hiring manager will determine whether members of the public will be reimbursed for expenses. These decisions are made on a case by case basis. The hiring manager must balance the need to hire the best candidate with the need to make sound financial decisions. If you are contacted to participate in the selection process you can clarify your eligibility of reimbursement for travel expenses with the Hiring Manager.