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No...They will have access to a phone to ring you.

Yes, However it is preferred that you submit your application electronically.Submitting paper applications may delay the processing of your application. Online applications will be forwarded to the hiring departments more promptly.

No. MSIRA reports may not be used in any proceedings where the purpose, or one of the purposes, is to apportion blame or liability

No. To start a food business you are required to apply for a trade licence from the Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs and to also seek registration and licencing of that business with the Environmental Health Division before beginning operation of the business.

The Facilities Management Unit will only approve government-related activities and events to be held at the Complex or on the compound. Government agencies that are not located in the Complex and non-profit organizations can write to the Facilities Manager requesting permission to use the compound at least two weeks in advance. The Facilities Manager must also be notified in writing of all events, meetings, or visitation by schools and other entities in advance.