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Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour
National Parks Trust
Release Date:
Monday, 28 November 2016 - 4:48pm

Staff from the National Parks Trust were honoured at the recent Arbour Day Ceremony, last Friday, November 25. Ms. Ayana Hull, Chairperson of the National Parks Trust Board is pictured throughout, with Mr. Ganshoun Harry at top right and with Mr.Denville Hodge, bottom right. Also honoured was the late Mr. A.O. Shirley, MBE, whose daughter, Mrs. Theresa Frett (pictured left), received a commemorative plaque on his behalf. The plaque was made from a Mahogany tree trunk, in recognition of Mr. Shirley who planted several Mahogany trees at Mount Sage when he worked as a Senior Warden for many years at the Trust. The theme for Arbour Day 2016 was “Mount Sage: A Living Legacy”.  (Photo Credit/Franklin Skerrit)