Press Release

BVI Finance
Release Date:
Monday, 30 May 2016 - 2:45pm

The Financial Services Implementation Unit (FSIU) is embarking on a population survey to gauge general perception of the financial services industry as part of the BVI Forward campaign. 

The population survey is the third in a series of data collection processes initiated by the FSIU. Previous surveys targeted companies in the financial services industry and high school students.

The current survey seeks to gather information that will help the FSIU understand the general perception of the financial services industry among residents.

FSIU Director, Mr. Kedrick Malone said, “Engaging the population is one of the priority initiatives in the BVI Forward campaign. Through this survey, we want to create a benchmark which will enable us in the future, to determine the impact of the campaign on changing the perception of residents and the level of knowledge acquired.”

Mr. Malone added, “The engagement campaign seeks to place financial services in the hearts and minds of all residents and it is therefore important that we increase the level of awareness about what financial services really means, how the industry operates and its role in the BVI economy among other areas.”

Mrs. Lorna Smith, OBE who is Initiative Sponsor for the Engage the Population initiative impressed upon residents the importance of taking the survey. “Back in December 2015 when the FSIU launched the industry survey, the Honourable Premier spoke of the need to collect data to create new evidence-based systems and that message remains relevant today. We have developed a strategy to engage the population and over time, we would need to determine whether or not it is working as intended or needs tweaking. Your feedback through this and other surveys will help guide that process.”

The population survey comprises of six questions and is being administered through Survey Monkey, from May 30 to June 19. Links to the survey are available on the BVI Forward website,, on the BVI Forward Facebook and Twitter pages as well as on the online news sites – BVI Platinum, BVI News and Virgin Islands News Online.

As part of the BVI forward education and awareness campaign, the FSIU has launched a multi-channel communications plan that seeks to deliver a comprehensive programme of information on the importance of financial services and its impact on daily life in the BVI. A key component of the campaign is “Financial Services 101”, a section of the BVI Forward website that provides answers to several questions about the financial industry in plain, simple language to promote greater understanding. BVI Forward material is shared via the website, social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube as well as via radio, television, local newspapers and BVI-based online news sites.