Press Release

Environmental Health
Release Date:
Tuesday, 22 December 2015 - 3:30pm

The Environmental Health Division is making amendments to the processing of food handler clinics beginning January 2016 in an effort to increase efficiency.

Acting Chief Environmental Health Officer, Mrs. Yolanda Penn said, “Effective January 2016 persons attending food handler sessions must have all of the required documents in order to attend the session.”

According to the Chief, in the past persons were able to attend the sessions without their medical test results, pictures or other supporting documents with plans to bring those items to the office at a later time.  

“These practices have resulted in a back log of cards that have not been collected and incomplete paper work at the Division,” she said.

Food handler sessions for December 24 and 31 have been cancelled and persons wishing to obtain food handler certification beginning in January 2016 are kindly asked to ensure that they have the proper documentation before attending the session.

Persons renewing their food handler’s certificates are required to bring their expired certificates, social security card, work permit and/or picture identification.

Persons seeking to obtain a food handler’s certificate for the first time are also required to bring the result of their Mantoux (skin) and stool tests, work permit and/or picture identification, social security card and one recent passport size photograph.

For further information, persons can contact the Environmental Health Division at telephone number 468-5110.

The Environmental Health Division is committed to ensuring that all aspects of the environment with the potential to negatively impact health are managed efficiently to enable all persons in the BVI to attain and maintain optimal health and social well-being.