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Department of Youth Affairs and Sports
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Monday, 31 July 2017 - 10:18am

Virgin Islands sportsman, the late Mr. David ‘Jackie’ Todman has been recognised as one of the few outstanding all-around Virgin Islands athletes.

Minister for Education and Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports, Honourable Myron V. Walwyn heralded Mr. Todman for consistent exceptional performances in a variety of sports in the Territory, including cricket, football, softball, and track and field events.

Minister Walwyn said, “The Virgin Islands has lost an outstanding all-around sportsmen and lover of athletics. Mr. Todman’s ability to compete at a high level in whichever sport he chose, exemplifies true sportsman ability and athletic power.”

Honourable Walwyn added, “Mr. Todman clearly had an aptitude for any sport he put his mind to and his record speaks for itself. Such dedication and commitment to sports at a time when there was little or no monetary reward, speaks highly about him.”

Mr. David Todman or Jackie, as he was affectionately called, enjoyed a long career in cricket, was an all-rounder, an excellent batter having scored a century in the Shield Competition, and a consistent bowler. He also exhibited excellence in his softball career and was known to play every position with skill and ease although he settled on short stop later in his career with the Tigers.

He played football when the game was not a league sport, and engaged the officers on British ships in matches when they came to port – in the earlier days.

Honourable Walwyn extolled the achievements of the sportsman and said he is of the belief that Mr. David “Jackie” Todman should be eligible to be placed in the Virgin Islands Sports Hall of Fame as he is a one of a kind sportsman and a shining example of playing “for the love of the sport.

The Ministry of Education and Culture continues to support Virgin Islands’ athletes and young persons by ensuring that the Territory’s youth excel and create a culture of excellence for themselves, and by extension, the Virgin Islands.

Photo Caption: Pictured is Mr. David “Jackie” Todman receiving an award from former Minister for Education and Culture, Lloyd Black.


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