Press Release

Office of the Deputy Governor
Department of Human Resources
Release Date:
Wednesday, 27 December 2023 - 10:59am

The Department of Human Resources is preparing to launch a new talent management system, dubbed TALEO. The system aims at streamlining the Government’s on-boarding and employee management services.

In the coming weeks, individuals aspiring to become public officers will be able to access the new system through the Government’s website, view current openings, apply for a position, and receive status updates on their application through their created account and emails.

The introduction of the system will facilitate a more transparent, accountable and efficient hiring process for individuals desirous of entering the public service.

Human Resources personnel across the Public Service are currently undergoing training in preparation for the full launch of the system, which promises to transform the Government’s human resources programme.

TALEO also promises to increase and simplify communication between recruiters and applicants. This, in turn, will reduce the time it takes for a new hire to be fully oriented as a public officer.

Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Deputy Governor, Mrs. Sharleen DaBreo-Lettsome, MBE said, “There is a need to completely reimagine the way we manage human resources in the Public Service. This transformation is a major step as we forge forward with our vision for a more lean, efficient and technologically advanced human resources programme.”

A key feature of the system is its ability to keep job seekers informed through every step of their application process. Applicants will be automatically made aware of any missing portions of their application, schedule interviews, and also be able to track their application’s progress in the system.

As the Department of Human Resources continues to work toward the service-wide adaptation of a ‘New H.R. Vision for the Public Service’, focus has been placed on ensuring the department is equipped to meet the needs of various demographics.

Additionally, the new system will also aid in employee management. Human resources professionals will be better equipped to manage the movement of current public officers, as persons choose to utilise the existing programmes to experience other fields and departments within the Government.

Once trainings are completed, a full launch of TALEO will begin, ensuring the public is well educated on its functions, and are able to navigate and use the system effectively.

The Government of the Virgin Islands remains committed to the transformation of the Public Service through an advanced human resources programme.


Eusa Z. Adams

Assistant Information Officer
Deputy Governor's Office
Government of the Virgin Islands
Tel: 284.468.2219