Press Release

Department of Human Resources
Premier's Office
Release Date:
Wednesday, 8 November 2017 - 11:03am

The Disaster Recovery Coordination Committee (DRCC) of the Government of the Virgin Islands continues to move forward swiftly with finalising the long term development plan for the Territory.

Chairman of the committee Mr. Brodrick Penn is leading in coordinating the activities of the ministries, as well as public and private sector bodies. The DRCC is a committee appointed by Cabinet to provide oversight and advice on all aspects of the Territory's recovery activities and initiatives.

While Mr. Penn is focused on working with permanent secretaries in the various ministries as well as the private sector to develop and implement the Territory's recovery plan, Ms. Dawn Smith, General Counsel at the Financial Services Commission, will assume the post of Acting Permanent Secretary.

His Excellency, the Governor Augustus Jaspert after considering the advice of the Public Service Commission (PSC), has approved the appointment of Ms. Smith to act in the post of Permanent Secretary in the Premier’s Office with effect from 1st November, 2017.

Ms. Smith’s appointment will allow Mr. Brodrick Penn to focus primarily on the implementation and execution of the short-term and long-term recovery and development of the Virgin Islands.

The acting Permanent Secretary will oversee the overall coordination and management of the work of Government to ensure the successful formulation and implementation of ministerial and cross-ministerial government policies and programmes.

Ms. Smith who has been a member of the PSC has relinquished the post.

Photo Attached:  Mr. Brodrick Penn, Chairman of the DRCC.


Ms. Natalie Hodge

Deputy Chief Information Officer
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