Ministry of Communications and Works
Electrical Inspection Unit
Release Date:
Wednesday, 30 August 2017 - 1:51pm

The Electrical Inspection Unit is reminding all electricians that all drawings must be available, when applying for mechanical ‘roughin’ inspections.

Electricians applying for an initial inspection must also present an electrical inspection form at the time of scheduling the inspection with a detailed panel directory including:

•           Owner/Agent   

•           Address      

•           Electrician/Contractor 

•           Main Breaker size, Phase type, Main Conductor size

•           Mega Ohms

•           Panel Number/Name

•           Circuit Breaker

•           Location

•           Lights

•           Switches

•           Fans

•           REG Outlets

•           GFCI outlets

•           AC Unit

For more information please contact the unit at telephone number 468-3603 or 468-3604.


Nekita Turnbull

Ag. Deputy Chief Information Officer
Department of Information & Public Relations 
Telephone: 468-2730
Email:  Neturnbull@gov.vg