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Wednesday, 14 December 2022 - 4:38pm

The Public Service Transformation Plan has undergone a Midterm Review and the public is now invited to submit individual feedback on the Plan.

The Midterm Review and Future Outlook presentation allowed each Ministry to provide updates on the progress on their respective Ministerial Plans since the Public Service Transformation Programme’s initial launch in 2018. Ministerial Plans provide details on the prioritised areas of focus of the ministry and its departments. The future goals of the Transformation Programme extend to 2025 and were also covered in each presentation.

Speaking at the Midterm Review, His Excellency the Governor, Mr. John J. Rankin affirmed that while there will be some challenges to achieving Public Service Transformation, it can be done and has already been done in different contexts.

“At the end of the Transformation Programme the need is to have achieved real, measurable progress, with a positive change in performance, better results, better service delivery,” the Governor said.

In his remarks, Premier and Minister of Finance, Dr. the Honourable Natalio D. Wheatley, pledged his continued support for Public Service Transformation.

“It is absolutely important for us to have a Public Service which certainly is client-focused, a Public Service that is efficient and effective, and a Public Service that meets the needs of our community,” the Premier said.

Deputy Governor, Mr. David D. Archer Jr., also offered remarks and assured attendees of his confidence in the Public Service Transformation Programme.

“We will have a word-class Public Service. It’s going to happen, and you can quote me on this. One employee at a time, one department at a time, one initiative at a time,” the Deputy Governor said.

The overall goals for the Public Service Transformation include, but are not limited to, improvements in: customer service, accountability, transparency, public financial management, leadership, employee morale and engagement,  change management and capacity, revenue generation; green practices efficiency and accountability; monitoring, evaluation, and reporting mechanisms for services and programmes; science and technology; security judicial system with modern laws and consistent enforcement; and increased community engagement and public/private partnerships.

More specifically, within the Premier’s Office, priority will be made toward the coordination of cross-sectorial policies and programmes, promoting cultural awareness and heritage preservation, providing efficient and effective immigration regulation, and promoting the sustainable development of the Virgin Islands to ensure a well-informed, prosperous, cohesive and stable society.

Similarly, the goals of the Ministry of Finance include providing strategic, economic and fiscal leadership that promotes the sustainable economic development of the Virgin Islands.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Communication and Works will focus on ensuring the continued development and maintenance of public infrastructure in keeping with international standards so that public utilities are reliable and affordable in support of an enhanced community life for every resident and visitor in the Virgin Islands.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development’s plans include the provision of leadership that promotes health, social wellbeing and a safe environment as positive resources for living and sustainable development.

Additionally, the Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports’ goals are centred around the education and development of life-long learners, as well as the facilitation of youth empowerment and sports.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour will aim to provide effective and efficient management of natural resources for the Territory, as well as developing and empowering the local workforce to meet national needs.

Finally, the Office of the Deputy Governor’s goals include ensuring effective public governance, strengthening democracy and human rights, promoting economic prosperity and social cohesion and deepening confidence in government and administration.

 To review the complete VI Public Service Transformation Programme Plan, persons can visit the Governor's Group/Deputy Governor's Office page on the Government website at and access the document under the publications tab. In addition, feedback can be submitted via a survey at, which also contains a link to the full plan.



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