Press Release

Environmental Health
Release Date:
Thursday, 5 July 2018 - 5:54pm

Food workers in the Territory are being advised to discontinue using deodorizers to clean food service areas. 

Chief Environmental Health Officer, Lionel Michael said the Environmental Health Division has observed during inspections that food workers are using chemicals and other deodorizers on food preparation surfaces and equipment which is not a sanitary practice.

“These are not sanitizers and as such should not be used on stoves, tables, countertops, table mats, microwaves, can openers and refrigerators or any area where food may come in contact with,” Mr. Michael said.

The Environmental Health Division recommends the use of vinegar and baking soda mixture or household bleach (standalone) for the purpose of sanitising food preparation areas and surfaces. The advised measurement for the bleach is 1 bleach bottle cap to 1 gallon water. The purpose of sanitisers is to reduce or kill microorganisms after thorough cleaning is done. Chemicals are not to be mixed together.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development aspires to provide a caring and integrated system of health and social services that facilitate human development and improves the quality of life in the Virgin Islands.


Adrianna J. Soverall

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