Press Release

Premier's Office
Ministry of Finance
Release Date:
Wednesday, 11 November 2020 - 10:12am

The Government of the Virgin will be introducing Bills to support the comprehensive digital transformation of the Public Service and improve e-payments for customers.

His Excellency the Governor Augustus J.U. Jaspert while delivering the Speech from the Throne outlining the Government’s Legislative Agenda explained that the Bills that will be introduced during the Third Session of the Fourth House of Assembly will include Data Protection, Electronic Filing, Electronic Funds Transfer and Electronic Transactions.

Premier and Minister of Finance, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie in an interview with the Department of Information and Public Relations post speech said that the Government is bringing forward several pieces of legislation that will help the people of the Virgin Islands and help the economy.

The Premier said, “It is important to note that legislation is the overarching entity, but there are also policies that will come out of each legislation and there will be numerous and vast that will help the people of the Virgin Islands and investors with the economy and safety.”

Premier Fahie added that the Government previously passed much legislation to help the people of the Virgin Islands, but that COVID-19 has caused it to look at some of these legislations through a more progressive lens. He said these include technology, health and safety of persons and also future possible pandemics, how persons will work from home or schooling from home and how to keep the economy going even in the midst of a crisis.

The Premier said, “Now we are bringing forward some of the legislations that we mentioned in the last speech from the throne, for example the e-Government legislation was able to be improved through revision and additions as a results of lessons learnt from COVID-19 to help with Government business continuity,  improvement of efficiency and increase in revenue.”

Premier Fahie added, “We were able to make amendments through the BVI Investment Bill where Covid-19 has brought up the need for us to improve in innovation, entrepreneur and also the significance of food security.  Working on these legislations is going to put the BVI into a new para dime and advance our people.”

The Speech from the Throne is delivered at the beginning of each new session of the House of Assembly and is prepared within the Premier’s Office in consultation with the ministries. The Speech is then deliberated and approved by the elected Government of the Virgin Islands and is delivered to the Governor. During the First Sitting of the House of Assembly, the Premier and Minister of Finance, then moves a motion to invite the Governor to read the Speech from the Throne. The Government’s Legislative Agenda is monitored by the Premier’s Office to ensure that it moves forward with fortitude and determination.


Photo 1:1- Premier and Minister of Finance, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie during a post Speech from the Throne interview with the Department of Information Public Relations on November 2.