Premier's Office
Release Date:
Wednesday, 24 February 2021 - 5:44pm


The Government of the Virgin Islands is notifying the public that its BVILOVE e-magazine, which details cross-ministry initiatives aligned with the 2021 Budget and Legislative Agenda, will be published tomorrow, February 25.

The publication chronicles a number of projects that the Government has done spanning the two years since taking office and focuses on the Government’s 2021 Budget Theme:

“Innovation - Building a Stable, Diverse, Competitive Economy with Strong Industries and Partnerships for Regional and International Trade, by Building and Harnessing the Creative Capacity of our Human Capital”

The monthly BVILOVE e-magazine is an accessible platform for the public to stay abreast of the work that their Government is doing to further the development of the Territory.

Persons can subscribe to the monthly publication by emailing GovEmag@gov.vg. Additionally, the e-magazine can also be downloaded from a link on the Home page of the Government’s website at bvi.gov.vg.


Ms. Natalie Hodge

Deputy Chief Information Officer
Telephone:  468-3701 ext. 2731 (desk)
Email:            nathodge@gov.vg