Press Release

Premier's Office
Release Date:
Monday, 15 April 2019 - 4:33pm

The Government of the Virgin Islands has set about building capacity to deliver on important developmental goals.

Small business development and climate resilience are two essential areas that have been identified as it seeks to  revitalise and build the local economy.

To ensure that these and other crucial developmental goals are met, the Premier’s Office has begun engaging a number of consultancies for specific areas.

Grace Consultants, a local consultancy headed by Mr. Claude Skelton Cline, has been engaged to provide strategic advice on the creation of a climate resilience and renewable energy unit, and advice on projects linked to climate resilience.

The consultancy will monitor the planning and execution that would ensure the delivery of a programme to provide 1000 jobs in 1000 days including assistance on small business development and advise on the development and implementation of initiatives designed to empower youth.

In the area of telecommunications, the consultant will lead on the negotiations with telecoms providers for new terms of service provided to the Territory and also lead negotiations on existing and future development of the Prospect Reef site.

Responsibilities of this consultancy include formalising and leading the strategic planning process, focusing on short- and long-term initiatives, translating strategies into actionable and quantitative plans; facilitating the execution of the strategy by working collaboratively with ministerial leadership, special committees, private sector, regional and international bodies, and consultants to support execution of key initiatives.

The consultant will monitor the execution of the strategic plan and ensure that strategic actions are completed at various levels to achieve desired results.

Grace Consultants will also lead negotiations for new Cruise Line Berthing Agreements, identify and facilitate a seaplane tour excursion initiative and serve as Chair of Cruise Tourism Committee.

During the six month engagement period, Grace Consultants shall receive ninety-eight thousand dollars ($98,000) for the services rendered.


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