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Office of the Governor

25 March 2015 - 1:45pm

His Excellency the Governor, Mr. John S. Duncan, OBE, is away from the Territory attending the annual meeting of Overseas Territories’ Governors in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

The Governor left the Territory this morning and is expected to return on March 28.  Additionally Deputy Governor, Mrs. V. Inez Archibald CBE is currently away from the Territory attending the annual meeting of the Overseas Territories Heads of Public Service in the United Kingdom.

In accordance with section 37(1)(b) of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order 2007, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Services Commission, Dr. Robert Mathavious will act in the Office of the Governor from 9:00 a.m. on  March 25 to 8:00 a.m. on  March 26 during the absence of the Governor and Deputy Governor from the Territory.  Dr. Mathavious took the Oaths of Allegiance and Due Execution of Office this morning before Justice Barry Leon.

Following the Deputy Governor’s return to the Territory, she is expected to act in the office of the Governor with effect from March 26 to 28 in accordance with Section 37 of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order 2007.


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