Press Release

Ministry of Transportation Works and Utilities
Release Date:
Sunday, 3 May 2020 - 12:01pm

Minister for Transportation, Works and Utilities, Honourable Kye Rymer, was pleased with the response from the public in the historic traffic simulation exercise that took place in the Territory’s capital of Road Town on Friday, May 1.

“The simulation exercise is a part of a phased approach in making the capital more pedestrian friendly as we are now living in the New Regular, and I want to thank all participants for answering the call to assist us in the simulation exercise.  I saw all participants including the Premier, Deputy Governor and other Government officials wearing protective equipment, and practicing safety,” Honourable Rymer said.

There were more than 100 vehicles participating in the simulation exercise.  Participants were placed in five groups so that the routes to be canvased would present to the engineers and advisors a realistic assessment.

The routes saw drivers approaching and traversing Road Town from:

  1. The Festival Grounds and turning on to DeCastro Street and onwards;
  2. The Administration Complex and turning on to Waterfront Drive heading towards the Roundabout in Road Town and onwards;
  3. Opposite the Hospital parking lot, turning on to Main Street towards the junction at Midtown restaurant and onwards;
  4. Manse Road onto Joe’s Hill road, turning right on to Main Street towards the junction at Midtown Restaurant and onwards;
  5. From the Market Place turning left on to Flemming Street towards the Roundabout and onwards.

Participants will be given a survey on the experience and suggestions to the exercise.  The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force was present to ensure that persons made the correct turns to the course outlined for the future traffic flow change.

            Honourable Rymer addressed the media after the simulation exercise and said, “The rerouting is only but one phase of this project;

  • We will have paid parking lots within the Road Town area
  • Add an additional lane going westbound coming out of Admin drive onto Waterfront Drive to support vehicle capacity, enabling traffic flow towards the western part of Tortola.
  • Free parking at the Festival Grounds, to accommodate up to 270 vehicles
  • Free shuttle service from the Festival Grounds into Road Town

Naturally, one of the main challenges associated with this type of measure, is how well motorists can adjust. Therefore, we have started with the simulation exercise and will follow up with another simulation exercise.” 

The traffic simulation exercise was a practice of the proposed future flow of traffic in the capital city of Road Town to transition to greater ease of flow in the area and be more pedestrian friendly.


Giovanni Herbert

Information Officer
Telephone:  468-3058