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Ministry of Finance
Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Loan
Release Date:
Wednesday, 22 August 2018 - 12:10pm

A call has been made for more local businesses to respond to requests for proposals for projects under the Caribbean Development Bank’s (CDB) Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Loan (RRL) programme.

The call was made by Deputy Financial Secretary, Ms. Alva McCall at the opening of two bids for consultancy services for the Rehabilitation of the Water System, and the Audit of the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Projects on August 21.

Ms. McCall said, “It was a little disappointing that we had one submission for each request for proposal.  We had a very good [procurement] fair put on by CDB on August 1, where they encouraged local contractors and other persons to get involved in the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Loan process.” 

The consultancy services for the rehabilitation of the water system project cover the engineering design, technical specifications, procurement and construction management for the rehabilitation of the Water Infrastructure. 

This project seeks to reconstruct and rehabilitate a number of water system components.  Specific works include the replacement of the Long Bush, Zion Hill and Carrot Bay Reservoirs, the supply and installation of approximately 67 bulk meters along the distribution system and the supply and replacement of approximately 30% of water meters.  The project will also include assistance in auditing treated water transmission lines, distribution networks, storage structures and other parts of the system from source to consumer.

The objective of the second consultancy is to conduct an annual audit of the project’s financial statements as it relates to the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Loan and on funds received and expenditures incurred for the relevant accounting period, and to professionally assess the financial position of the project at the end of each fiscal year.

The technical proposals will now be evaluated by the Central Tenders Board sub-committee before submission to the Caribbean Development Bank for their ‘no objection’.

The Deputy Financial Secretary shared that twelve more proposals will be addressed within the next few months and a total of 18 proposals will be made under the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Loan.

“Some of the projects are open for international tendering, so there is some level of competition, but I think it would be beneficial to a lot of persons in the Territory if they were to get involved in the process whether individually or by joint venture, to be able to bid on some of these consultancies,” Ms. McCall further stated.

The Government of the Virgin Islands applied to the Caribbean Development Bank for financing to rebuild Stronger, Smarter, Greener, Better and more Resilient.


Photo Caption: Deputy Financial Secretary Ms. Alva McCall (Photo Credit: BVI Financial Services Commission)

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