Ministry of Communications and Works
Release Date:
Thursday, 12 February 2015 - 2:15pm

Statement By Minister For Communications And Works Honourable Mark Vanterpool
At Third Sitting Of The Forth Session Of The Second House Of
Assembly On Caribbean Development Bank Loan Funded Projects

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Madam Speaker, I am pleased to report that Government is steadily advancing works under the Caribbean Development Bank CDB Loan Funded Projects, to rehabilitate the roads, drains and bridges infrastructure throughout the Territory.

During the latter part of 2010, Sub-Tropical Storm Otto dumped approximately 25.86 inches of heavy rainfall on these islands, triggering widespread flooding, landslides, rock falls, tree falls and damage to the road infrastructure, including utilities and retaining structures. 

Through a $15.67 million loan arrangement with the CDB, Madam Speaker, the Government of the Virgin Islands committed to undertaking the rehabilitation and upgrading of roads and drains, on Jost Van Dyke, Tortola and Virgin Gorda.

Another $1.67 million was committed from the local component of the BVI Government’s capital projects.

Madam Speaker, altogether, approximately 2.5 miles of roads are being rehabilitated, failed retaining structures along the public road network are being reconstructed, and new retaining structures are being built, where required. 

Additionally, Madam Speaker, efforts are being made to increase the hydraulic capacity of several culverts and bridges throughout the Territory. 

Madam Speaker, as required by the terms of the CDB loan, FDL Consult Inc., an engineering, architectural and business consultancy firm, headquartered in St. Lucia, was retained by Government, via the International Competitive Bidding process.

FDL is providing engineering designs and construction management services. 

Madam Speaker, the National Disaster Management Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project, officially commenced in March 2013 and is estimated to be completed by the end of this year - December 2015.

I am pleased to now report, Madam Speaker, that projects in Cane Garden Bay and Jost Van Dyke, which form part of the 10% of the local component, have been completed, at a total cost of $251,300.46.

Of the $15,670,000.00 loan funding from the Caribbean Development Bank, approved in March 2013, a total of $3,903,825.56 has been expended to date.

Madam Speaker, four contracts for works and two consultancy contracts have been signed thus far.  These contracts are:







Start Date


G-Unit Construction

$ 819,848.58

Road & Drainage Improvement



25th Feb, 14

85% Completed

Autland Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd

$ 633,737.32

Embankment Stabilisation and Road Reinstatement

Ballast Bay

25th Mar, 14


Sandwise Ltd.


Drainage Improvement

Parham Town

1st Sept, 14

95% Completed

Autland Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd.

$ 332,483.86

Installation of a Retaining Wall


Thomas Land

17th Nov, 14

65% Completed

FDL Consult Inc.

$ 499,500.00

Engineering Consultancy




Tira Green

$ 52,750.00

Planning Regulations



85% Completed


Madam Speaker, a contract for works at Fortune Ghut for drainage and road rehabilitation, was signed with Autland Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd., on 10th February 2015 and works are scheduled to commence by 1st March, 2015. 

The value of this contract is $504,408.42.

There are four tender packages currently going through the National Competitive Bidding process, via the standard local procurement procedures under the guidance of the Caribbean Development Bank standards:

  1. Horse Path, Tortola - Drainage Solution with Road Stabilization and Rehabilitation;
  2. Long Trench, Tortola - Drainage Solution with Road Stabilization and Rehabilitation;
  3. Lee Road, Virgin Gorda – Bidding has been completed for drainage Solution and Road Resurfacing
  4. Nottingham Estate, Tortola – Embankment Stabilization and Road Restoration.

Three projects on Tortola are in the final stages of the design phase;

  1. Windy Hill – Slope Stabilization and Drain Construction;
  2. Harrigan Estate - Slope Stabilization; and
  3. Greenland - Drainage Solution and Road Rehabilitation (redesigned to accommodate widening the corridor)

Madam Speaker, the Ministry of Communications and Works has applied to have three additional projects included in this CDB Loan project. 

These are:

  1. Brady Ghut – retaining wall and road rehabilitation
  2. Shephard Hill – retaining wall and road rehabilitation
  3. Stone Haven – drainage improvement.

These proposed new sites are all critical areas that pose hazardous threats to residents and business owners, in the various communities. 

Madam Speaker, way-leave matters continue to hinder some of the progress of various projects, including those in Fortune Ghut, Long Trench, Greenland, Huntum’s Ghut and Horse Path. 

The CDB team continues to negotiate with property owners to arrive at mutually agreed way-leaves. 

Madam Speaker, Government is pleased with the progress of works under the CDB Loan-funded Projects and so too, is the Caribbean Development Bank.

Mr. Albert Gillings of the CDB, made a supervisory visit to the Virgin Islands from the 3rd – 6th December and expressed his satisfaction with the progress.

He commended the local team for the hard work to ensure the success of these projects.

Thank you very much Madam Speaker.