Ministry of Communications and Works
Release Date:
Thursday, 12 February 2015 - 2:30pm

Statement By Minister For Communications And Works Honourable Mark Vanterpool
At Third Sitting Of The Forth Session Of
The Second House Of Assembly On Water Distribution Network

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Madam Speaker, the Water and Sewerage Department aims to provide a consistent and reliable supply of potable water to consumers in the Virgin Islands.

To this end, the Department continues work to upgrade the water distribution network throughout the Territory.

These efforts will complement work ongoing to ensure that our reservoirs are filled and distributing water from the East to the West of Tortola and on the Sister Islands.

Madam Speaker, recently it was necessary to undertake remedial works from Beef Island Bridge to Parham Town, Tortola, to rectify constant breakage in that area, as well as to cater to future needs in the area with the water lines.

Upgrade works took place in The Sound and accommodation was made for future increase in demands in other areas throughout the community of East End. 

Work will continue from Parham Town to Long Swamp in a few weeks, Madam Speaker, and from Long Swamp to Paraquita Bay as we work along with the sewerage programme. 

All of this work would help to eliminate constant breakage in the various communities and we look forward to a more regular and consistent flow of water to our customers in the Territory.

In addition, Madam Speaker, work to upgrade water pipes from Sabbath Hill along the Ridge Road to the Fort Hill/Belle Vue junction and continuing on to Chalwell, will take place in the next three to four weeks. 

Madam Speaker, this is necessary to ensure the daily distribution of water from the Sabbath Hill Reservoir to Cane Garden Bay, while at the same time sending water to the Hannah’s Hill Reservoir.  

Upgrades to the water pump at Diamond would also be undertaken, to facilitate an increase in water flow to areas including Baugher’s Bay, Josiah’s Bay, Huntum’s Ghut and Long Bush. 

Meantime, Madam Speaker, the Water and Sewerage Department is working steadily to change out the water pipes in a number of areas in Sea Cow’s Bay, especially from the Well to the bottom of Hannah’s Hill, including the area leading to the Seventh Day Adventist School.

Madam Speaker, the Department’s aim is to have as many persons connected to the public water system as possible.

We are aware that there are certain communities where the infrastructure is not yet in place to accommodate this; areas such as Spring Ghut, Hope Estate, parts of Cane Garden Bay, Brewer’s Bay and Spooners, Fort Hill, Hawk’s Nest and others.

Madam Speaker, we continue to explore the options and I can report to this Honourable House, that efforts are being made to have these areas connected within the coming months.

I can confidently and accurately say that the water situation in the Territory has improved tremendously within the last three years; the network has been expanded and strengthened; there are fewer disruptions in the supply and more areas are being serviced on a regular basis.

Madam Speaker, I wish to assure this Honourable House and by extension, the public, that every effort is being made to further improve the water distribution network in the Territory.

We ask all for your continued patience.

Thank you Madam Speaker.