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Ministry of Health & Social Development
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Wednesday, 14 January 2015 - 4:15pm

The Hospital Regulations 2014, which has introduced a new fee structure at the New Peebles Hospital has been implemented.

The new Regulations repeal the Hospital Regulations which were first enacted in 1927. Several amendments have been made over the years with the most recent being in 1989. 

Minister for Health and Social Development, Honourable Ronnie W. Skelton stated, "I understand the public's concerns about the increase of the fees and I want to assure the public that no one will be denied access to healthcare because of their ability to pay.”

Minister Skelton also alluded that the fees for medical services in the Territory have remained below cost primarily because of Government's subsidies, while the cost of producing those services has increased significantly over the years.  He said the fees under the previous regulations have become unsustainable and a risk to the national economic security. 

The Minister of Health further stated that in order to minimize any economic burden resulting from the implementation of the new fees, the BVI Health Services Authority will continue to create affordable payment plans for uninsured persons with income and the Ministry of Health and Social Development will continue to subsidize the wards of the state, the uninsured without income and the indigent, until the implementation of the National Health Insurance system.

Chairman of the BVIHSA Board, Mr. John I. Cline stated that the new Hospital Regulations, 2014 has been in the pipeline for over five years. He stated that he is pleased with the amendments as the changes will allow the BVIHSA to deliver optimum services.

Chairman Cline emphasized that the BVIHSA must be in a financial position to minimally meet its overhead and service cost needs. This he noted is the main reason for the increased fees and category changes.  

 “I want the entire Virgin Islands community to know and understand that as we have transitioned into the new Peebles Hospital, all staff, clinical and non-clinical, are dedicated to ensuring the community’s medical needs are met,” said Chairman Cline.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development endeavours to provide leadership that promotes health, social well-being and a safe environment.

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