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Ministry of Health & Social Development
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Tuesday, 19 March 2019 - 3:52pm

The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) is continuing capacity building for the on-going Country Assessment of Living Conditions (CALC) in the British Virgin Islands.

The National Assessment Team (NAT) was engaged in a one-day workshop, hosted by the Ministry of Health and Social Development on March 15 which reviewed the status of implementation of various components of the CALC. The workshop also  addressed gender sensitisation and highlighted the responsibilities of the National Assessment Team for interpreting and analysing data for policy formulation aimed at improving living conditions. Discussions also focused on the integration of geospatial technology for Poverty and Vulnerability Mapping.

Minister for Health and Social Development Officer, Honourable Carvin Malone, speaking at the opening of the workshop, assured members of the assessment team of his full support of the project and emphasised the importance of gaining a better understanding of the issues affecting people’s daily lives, particularly following recent disasters, in order to respond effectively.

The workshop was facilitated by Research and Survey Statistician Ms. Sinovia Moonie,  GIS Specialist Mr. Cristopher Williams , and Social and Gender Analyst Ms. Amonia Paul-Rolle OECS Commission as part of the ongoing support being provided to OECS Member States to build national capacity for implementation of the Enhanced CPA methodology.

The delegation later met with the Minister and Permanent Secretary for Health and Social Development for an in-depth discussion on opportunities for further technical cooperation.

More information on the Country Assessment of Living Conditions will continue to be provided to the public over the coming weeks.

The Country Assessment of Living Conditions (was officially launched in September 2018 and is jointly funded by the Caribbean Development Bank and the Government of the Virgin Islands. Itincludes the Survey of Living Conditions and Household Budgets which is being conducted by the Central Statistics Office and will cover 1000 randomly selected households; a Participatory Poverty Assessment in four communities coordinated by the Social Development Department. As part of the assessment of living conditions, the Ministry of Finance will lead a Macro Social and Economic Assessment to examine key political, economic and social trends; an Institutional Assessment  covering a range of government institutions and civil society organisations that provide services which are designed to improve living conditions; and poverty and vulnerability mapping supported by the Town and Country Planning Department and the Department of Disaster Management by using GIS technology to map different social, economic and climatic conditions.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development aspires to provide a caring and integrated system of health and social services that facilitates human development and quality of life in the British Virgin Islands.

Note: Photographs are attached.

Photo 1 of 2: Members of the National Assessment Team during the OECS Workshop on March 15. (Photo Credit: Ronnielle Frazer)

Photo 2 of 2: From left to Right, OECS Commission Research and Survey Statistician, Sinovia Moonie; Ministry of Health and Social Development, Permanent Secretary
Petrona Davies; Minister for Health and Social Development Hon. Carvin Malone; OECS Commission Social and Gender Analyst, Mrs. Amonia Paul-Rolle; and OECS Commission GIS Specialist Christopher Williams. (Photo Credit: Ronnielle Frazer)


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