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Office of the Deputy Governor
Release Date:
Friday, 15 February 2019 - 11:50am

Deputy Governor Mr. David D. Archer Jr. is reminding political candidates and their supporters of the Code of Conduct for Political Parties and Candidates governing general elections.        

Mr. Archer said, “It has been reported that posters and other election material are being defaced by members of the public and inappropriate memes are being circulated throughout the Territory.”

The Deputy Governor added that Section 6(d) of the Code states, “No political party or any of its members or supporters, and no candidate or any of his or her supporters, may damage or deface property, including the election posters, placards, banners and other election material of another party or candidate, and any posters or other voter education materials disseminated by the Office of the Supervisor of Elections.”

Persons are also reminded of sections Section 2(iii) of the Code which speaks to the defamation of character, which states, “The emphasis must be on issues rather than personalities. Candidates must also avoid defamation of character of their opponents, their families and supporters.”

The Code which came into effect with the recent passing of the Elections (Amendment) Act, 2019 on Tuesday, January 29 promotes conditions that are conducive to free and fair elections and it promotes best practices directing the responsible behaviour that should be upheld during an Election.

The Office of the Deputy Governor provides oversight of the Office of the Supervisor of Elections and is committed to ensuring fair and clean elections. 

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