Ministry of Transportation Works and Utilities
Department of Motor Vehicles
Taxi and Livery Commission
Release Date:
Wednesday, 8 March 2017 - 4:41pm

The public is reminded to be vigilant while using transportation for hire. There are five transportation services for hire in the Virgin Islands, and can be identified by the following preceding letters and wording.

  1. Taxi
  2. S – Shuttle
  3. B – Bus
  4. L – Limousine
  5. T – Tour

Please be advised that the five services are unique. Be vigilant, be aware of your surroundings, always utilise official, designated transportation services and take note of licence plates before entering these vehicles.


Nekita Turnbull

Information Officer II
Department of Information & Public Relations 
Telephone: 468-2730
Email:  Neturnbull@gov.vg