Press Release

Ministry of Health & Social Development
Department of Waste Management
Release Date:
Thursday, 25 April 2024 - 12:20pm

The Ministry of Health and Social Development is reporting an upturn in recycling efforts across the Territory.

Minister for Health and Social Development, Honourable Vincent Wheatley said that “This collaborative effort between Government, Green VI and the community, aligns with the Government's commitment to environmental stewardship and the pursuit of a greener future. By working together, we can make a tangible difference preserving these Virgin Islands for  generations to come.” 

According to statistics from Green VI, over the course of the past 3 years, approximately 13 million plastic bottles, predominantly water bottles were diverted from the waste stream.

Director of Waste Management, Mr. Marcus Solomon said that “Diverting the plastics away from the landfill is a tremendous help to the department as it prevents us from having to find space for this type of waste.  We continue to implore the community to utilise the “We Recycle” programme.”

Meanwhile, representatives from Green VI continue to seek the support of the community to reduce their dependency on plastics and persons are asked to think about ways to re-purpose recyclables within the Territory.

Executive Director of Green VI, Ms. Charlotte McDevitt said that they forged a partnership with the Department of Disaster Management, Red Cross and the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College to implement drinking water systems in all of the schools across the Territory as part of the Smart Schools programme.  Ms. McDevitt says that this initiative will allow students to re-fill reusable water containers, which will save parents money and reduce the dependency on plastic water bottles.

“I want to encourage all persons to recycle, re-use, re-think and cut down on the quantity of waste that we are sending into the waste stream.” Minister Wheatley said.   We want every household to do composting and separation and to participate in the ‘We Recycle’ Programme.”

Plastics, when not managed correctly, cause numerous health and environmental concerns. The Ministry of Health and the Department of Waste Management is committed to collaborating with partners to strengthen and establish the necessary legislation to support a strong Waste Management System that focuses on a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle approach.




Natasha Lettsome-Humphrey

Public Health Communications Specialist
Ministry of Health/Social Development
Telephone: 468-2286