Ministry of Communications and Works
Water and Sewerage
Release Date:
Friday, 10 February 2023 - 4:31pm




Friday 10th February 2023

Madam Speaker, I wish to provide this Honourable House and the people of the Virgin Islands with an update on the progress of the East End/Long Look Sewerage Project.

Madam Speaker, by now, everyone in the Virgin Islands is familiar with the history of this project. For many years there has been a cry from the residents of East End/Long Look for a functional sewerage system to prevent unsanitary waste running onto their streets and creating a health hazard.

Madam Speaker, this Government resolved that we would ensure that the East End/Long Look Sewerage Project would get the resources and attention required for advancing the project and ensuring its completion. We pledged that the East End/Long Look Sewerage Project would be given priority in my Ministry, and we have been doing exactly this. Madam Speaker, we are determined to resolve this issue and bring relief to the residents of East End/Long Look and the environs.

The procurement process, Madam Speaker, which ensures a fair, transparent and competitive bid takes time to implement. As a responsible Government we are committed to transparency and accountability in public affairs and to abiding by the laws of the land. My Ministry is steadfastly abiding with the procurement process, and some delays were encountered during the process. In several instances, tenders were issued and bids were received, however, they were subsequently deemed non-responsive which required the tender to be cancelled and re-issued.  

Nonetheless, Madam Speaker, we have received bids for the repair, rehabilitation and commissioning of the Paraquita Bay Waste Water Treatment Plant and the construction and commissioning of a new Sludge Treatment Facility. It is anticipated that the bids will be evaluated and approved by the end of the first quarter, after which a contract can be awarded.  

Madam Speaker, I would like to impress upon this Honourable House the critical nature of the Waste Water Treatment Plant at Paraquita Bay being repaired and commissioned. In order for the sewerage lines that will be connected to the households to function, the plant at Paraquita Bay has to be operable to treat the influent being received. Therefore, this is a critical component for the proper functioning of the East End/ Long Look Sewerage system.  

Madam Speaker, we are also seeking to construct a new Sludge Treatment Facility. Sludge is the byproduct that remains in a solid state after sewage is treated at the treatment plant.  It is critical that a facility is put in place to further treat the sludge after removal from the Waste Water Treatment Plant.  Madam Speaker, the sludge if treated to international standards, can be used as fertilizer for agricultural purposes.

With the recently commissioned Cane Garden Bay Waste Water Treatment Plant, the ongoing repairs to the soon to be commissioned Burt Point Waste Water Treatment Plant and the soon to commence repairs to the Paraquita Bay Waste Water Treatment Plant, we will be producing a lot of sludge that will require treatment to meet international standards. This further highlights the critical need for a Sludge Treatment Facility.

As a result, Madam Speaker, there will be an opportunity for the farmers to utilise the fertilizer and further assist with our overall agricultural production. We anticipate that all of the sludge may not be used as fertilizer, therefore, we have accounted for the fabrication, installation and commissioning of a small incinerator to destroy any sludge that remains.

A tender was recently issued for the supply of manholes and wet wells for the entire East-End/Long-Look Project. I am advised that this tender is being evaluated and a contract should be awarded by the end of the first quarter of 2023. Once the manholes and wet wells are fabricated and supplied, this will ensure that majority of the equipment necessary for the entire project will be on island, as we currently have the gravity main pipes and force main pipes in stock.

Madam Speaker at the end of this month, we expect to issue a tender for the installation of gravity mains, pump stations and force main lines from Parham Town to Long Swamp. This will complete the main gravity line system that will connect the entire East End community.

To date, we have completed the installation of lateral lines in the Fat Hog’s Bay area which will serve all the surrounding businesses along the Blackburn Highway in the East End/Long Look area.  Madam Speaker, we have completed an interconnection of the Vanterpool Estate area to the main gravity lines in the vicinity of Fine Foods Supermarket. We have also completed an interconnection of the Long Look area to the main gravity lines in the vicinity of Dr. Pickering’s residence and the bus stop junction. Shortly we will commence another interconnection of the gravity main lines along Little Dix Road to the main gravity lines. These interconnections indicate that the aforementioned areas can be brought on stream once the entire system is commissioned.

Madam Speaker, it is anticipated that the various tenders mentioned will be completed by the end of this year. This means that we will finally be able to say that the Sewerage system has been commissioned.

Madam Speaker, we are committed to ensuring that the East End/Long Look Sewerage Project is completed, and work continues apace.

I thank you.