Premier's Office
Release Date:
Monday, 10 May 2021 - 12:38pm


10 MAY, 2021.


Good day and God's Blessings to all the people of the Virgin Islands and beyond.

I wish to categorically condemn and debunk, as malicious and fake-news, an article that began circulating this morning on internet and social media channels under the headline, “FINANCIAL INSPECTION: Andrew Fahie risks 10 years in prison for Virgin Islanders using his new app to "get rich too fast"”, and with a sub-headline that states – and I quote: “Virgin Islander citizens are already raking in millions of dollars from home using this "wealth loophole" - but is it legitimate?”

Firstly, and most importantly, I wish to alert members of the public that the publication in question, which purports to be some kind of euro-news site, contains several links, which, if clicked upon, are likely linked to malware, which means that they can cause your computers, mobile phones and other devices to be infected and your personal information such as your banking passwords to be compromised.

Now, to address the falsities contained in the text of the publication.

  1. There is no Body in the Virgin Islands named the "Virgin Islander Financial Supervisory Body", as quoted and referenced in the false-news publication.
  1. There is no bitcoin or other crypto platform in the Virgin Islands called “Bitcoin Revolution”, as quoted and referenced in the false-news publication.
  1. Since this platform does not exist, it follows that claims that myself and “thousands of Virgin Islanders” have become sudden millionaires or are earning large amounts of money from this fictitious platform are false.
  1. Neither in my personal capacity nor as Premier have I facilitated any interview with this fake-news website, and any and all statements attributed to coming from me – especially from any kind of interview – are 100 percent fabrications.
  1. There is no media organisation in the Virgin Islands by the name “Virgin Islands Radio,” as quoted and referenced in the false-news publication. This is a well-known fact to everyone.

Persons would recall that 11 months ago, a slew of similar fake-news publications were circulated on the internet and social media, which made similar outrageous and fabricated claims.

That the Virgin Islands people and reputation continue to be targeted by these malicious acts is of concern.

That this latest round of attack against me as the elected leader of the Virgin Islands, and also against the wider Virgin Islands public – and our Territory’s international reputation, has come in the midst of a Commission of Inquiry in which the Virgin Islands’ political status hangs in the balance, is very curious, and we condemn it.

I ask that all concerned take note and be guided accordingly.

In BVILOVE, I thank you and may God forever bless these beautiful Virgin Islands and her people.