Premier's Office
Release Date:
Thursday, 12 March 2020 - 2:03pm


12TH March, 2020

As the Government of the Virgin Islands continues to move the Virgin Islands forward in BVILOVE, we continue to work together with the Public Service and the people to transform the Territory into a leading regional economy by 2025 through Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Local and Foreign Investment.

A key priority for us is transformation. We are indeed transitioning into a new direction that is focused on a legacy of empowerment of our people.

Toward this end, I wish to say that the Premier's Office is continually transitioning, and I want to thank Permanent Secretary, Mr. Kedrick Malone, for supporting my Ministry through the transition phase. I thank him for laying the foundation that will assist the team with moving into the next phase, which is transformation.

Mr. Malone has completed his six-month contract as Permanent Secretary in the Premier's Office. I thank him for the work he has done in many regards, including serving as a member of the negotiation team for the United Kingdom Loan Guarantee. He also led the financial services and business solutions forums, which have assisted us in collecting the essential data to allow for the reshaping and diversification of different sectors of the economy.

As Mr. Malone turns a new page to start a new chapter in his book, I welcome the new Permanent Secretary in the Premier’s Office, Dr. Carolyn O'Neal-Morton, who will take the team through a journey of transformation toward a state of resiliency.

Dr. Oneal-Morton is no stranger to the Public Service, having served as a former educator, Permanent Secretary, Spanish translator for the Magistrate’s Court and Registrar of the High Court, and as a member of the team in the Governor’s Office.

I am pleased to have her join our team to ensure strategic management and leadership of the Premier’s Office.  As the Ministry responsible for the day-to-day operations of Government business, I look forward to her support in overseeing the overall coordination of the work of the Government of the Virgin Islands to ensure that all activities of Ministries are carried out in accordance with Government policies, procedures, and global standards.

I am indeed confident in the competence and commitment of Mrs. O’Neal-Morton and her ability to lead and advance the Government's Agenda working in partnership with the Financial Secretary, Cabinet Secretary, and Permanent Secretaries across Ministries.

I wish to thank my team at the Premier's Office for supporting Mr. Malone as he served, and I welcome Dr. O'Neal-Morton as we commit to delivering service to our biggest client - the public.