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Friday, 15 November 2019 - 11:09am

The Civil Service Association of the Virgin Islands (CSA) met on Wednesday 13th November 2019 for a duly called general meeting for the purpose of ratifying the elected executive board that was voted in May 2019. 

Members present expressed confidence in the current executive body, citing a need to continue the work it has begun and voted to ratify the current executive for a period of two years based on the VICSA Constitution.

During the meeting the executive body reported that they have been working tirelessly to “Restore Faith” in the CSA through a number of activities and implementations.  Some of their activities include, forming partnerships with vendors within the territory such as Good Fellas, Kougars, Mac’s Restaurant and Delta Petroleum and the association is currently negotiating with over 20 other vendors. The Association also held two successful mix and mingle events to reengage Public Officers, on Tortola and Virgin Gorda.  An identification card has also been approved by the executive board to be rolled out by the end of November so that full members (Public Officers who pay dues) can use to begin receiving benefits. 

Along with the membership drives and the reengagement initiatives the Association also held one of many planned capacity building workshops for Public Officers in Financial Management, an activity that was positively supported by Public Officers with over 30 participants.

“We recognize that there are many issues facing Public Officers but my board and I are prepared to champion many of these causes on behalf of Public Officers.” remarked President Sasha Flax.  She added that “Restoring Faith, the Association new campaign slogan will take time but is hopeful that progress will be made.”

In coming weeks, the executive body plans to hold a lock-in meeting to develop a strategic plan for the Association.  Ms. Flax also shared that a brief survey will be conducted among members to ascertain pertinent information that will be fed into the strategic plan of the association.

Ms. Flax took the opportunity to thank the many businesses who have partnered with the association thus far and stated that she looks forward to many others coming on board.

“I plead with all Public Officers to see the value in joining the CSA and becoming an active member, she stated.  “There is power in numbers and collectively we can create the change we want to see”, she pleaded.

The Executive body of the VI CSA is as follows:

President                   Sasha Flax

Vice President           Joshua Edwards

Secretary                   Subrina Herbert

Assistant Secretary   Kishann Brathwaite

Treasurer                   Sharona Pickering

Public Relations         Linton Leonard

Trustees                     Pasha Stoutt and Dawn Leonard


Linton Leonard

Public Relations Officer
Office of the House of Assembly
Telephone: 468-6900 ext. 6958