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Premier's Office
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Friday, 2 October 2020 - 4:49pm

The West End community will soon have a modern centre equipped with resources that will be used as an emergency shelter.

Premier and Minister of Finance, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie said that he is pleased that works have commenced on this project.

“The centre is a valuable resource to members of the community. Additionally, it serves as an emergency shelter for persons in the area and will be of great benefit for 2021 hurricane season and beyond,” the Premier said.

Premier Fahie thanked the European Union (EU) for providing the funding and Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) for its commitment to provide technical oversight for the implementation of this project and for also providing financial contribution towards the project by covering salaries for their technical staff assigned to assist with the implementation of the project.

The SMART Standards training and retrofitting of the centres will be implemented by PAHO SMART standards. This ensures that the resilience components will be addressed in the rehabilitation process and are expected to come in the form of detailed inspections, retrofitting of critical components of the structures with an emphasis on water and energy conservation and ensuring that the buildings are able to function during times of emergencies or disasters.

The contract was awarded to Quality Construction Ltd. and works commenced on September 9.

The works on the West End Community Centre/Shelter include replacing the porch overhang with concrete roof, replacement of windows and doors, replacement of shutters, upgrade of kitchen, upgrade to bathrooms on second floor, construction of new bathroom facilities on the ground floor, replacement of tiles on internal staircase to non-slip tiles, construction of handicap ramp on both floors, development of green space, relocation of generator housing, construction of a new LPG gas tank housing, replacing of all lighting to LED lights, cleaning of cistern, and remedial works on handrail and walkways.

The West End Community Centre is one of nine emergency shelters that will be rehabilitated by PAHO. The other four shelters are Sea Cow’s Bay Community Centre, Purcell Community Centre, Long Trench Community Centre and Dunlop Community Centre in Anegada.

The €2 million is provided by the EU for the repairs while PAHO will provide technical oversight for the implementation of this project and financial contribution by covering salaries for its technical staff assigned to assist with the project’s implementation.



Photo 1:3- Construction Site of the West End Community Centre (Photo credit: Premier’s Office)

Photo 2:3- Construction Site of the West End Community Centre 2 (Photo credit: Premier’s Office)

Photo 3:3- Construction Site of the West End Community Centre 3 (Photo credit: Premier’s Office)


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