Press Release

Ministry of Communications and Works
Public Works Department
Release Date:
Tuesday, 23 January 2018 - 2:37pm

Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Communications and Works, Mr. Anthony McMaster has said that the ministry’s focus for this year will be rebuilding for the future.

“This means we are looking at resilience,” he said, adding, “Getting the power system as much as possible underground, upgrading the water and sewerage networks and putting it underground as well.”

Mr. McMaster said improving the road network has always been a priority for the ministry and this will continue this year.

“We’re looking at the road improvement systems to include proper drainage and sidewalks so that it can be pedestrian friendly and putting on design surface that is capable of lasting 40 to 50 years,” Mr. McMaster said.

The Permanent Secretary explained that this will all be done in partnership with United Kingdom Government who has sponsored engineers to assist in the design process to ensure the highest road quality. In addition, the private sector will be engaged during the execution of these projects.

The ministry has also commenced remedial works (patching) in all areas throughout the Territory to improve traffic flow, and the public’s patience is solicited as the ministry works vigorously to find long term solutions.

“We’re trying to fix all the major potholes, look at some of the drainage issues and try to make the road as vehicular friendly as possible,” Mr. McMaster added.

To hear more about the 2018 plans for the Ministry of Communications and Works and it’s departments visit the Government’s Facebook page, @BVIGovernment, tomorrow to view the first episode of the series “ A Look Into 2018” in which Heads of Departments talk about their plans for 2018.


Nekita Turnbull

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