Government Identification cards are issued to all public officers. The Facilities Management Unit sends out a schedule which indicates a set date and time for your ministry or department to come and have your ID’s processed. If you miss that date, you must call the office for a future appointment.  Note that ID’s will be issued every 3 years unless an officer has changed his or her name, post, or if transferred. It is important to note also that once you have retired or resigned from the Public Service, you are required to surrender your government ID.

Persons must be 16yrs and older and successfully pass a written exam and motorcycle road skills test.

  • Operator needs a Motorcycle learner’s permit.
  • If a Motorcycle operator wants to obtain a Driver’s License they will have to do the cone & road test only seeing that they already passed the written test.

We currently have a total of 58 Fire Officers. 48 of them work directly in responding to emergencies. The other 10 work in administration, but also respond to emergencies when needed.

There are seven (7) Fire Stations in the Virgin Islands. They are located in Beef Island, Anegada, Virgin Gorda, East End, Road Town, Cappoons Bay and Jost Van Dyke.

The Fire Station in Beef Island operates under the auspices of the BVI Airports Authority. The other six (6) stations belong to the Virgin Islands Fire and Rescue Service, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Transportation, Works and Utilities.


You must be at least 18 years old and no older than 35 years old.

No.  The cone test or road test is administered on the 28th to the 5th of any given month.  (Basically the last week of the month to the 5th of any given month).  The cone test is administrated on the following days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Additional requirements for person(s) who resides in the territory with their spouse are required to bring the following documents in order to obtain a license for the BVI:

  • Spouse’s passport.
  • Spouse’s work permit card.
  • Spouse’s employment letter for those that works for the government.
  • Exemption letter with receipt.

You need to write a cover letter to the Minister and provide evidence of what you need the assistance for.

Persons who misplaced their valid learner’s permit are required to purchase a new one and the expiration date will become effective from the date of purchase.