You need to include educational or other certificates, job references, and that the application must be dropped off at the Department of Human Resources NOT the Ministry or its Departments.

Documents required are:

  • A valid driver’s license from overseas.
  • Passport to show that you are a tourist.
  • Medical report for persons 70 years or older.
  • You need to be a bona fied visitor to the territory.

Please note that only the Dept.of Motor Vehicle issues temporary driver’s license and not a Car Rental company.

The required documents to have the vehicle sold are:

  • Probate – if a will was done
  • Letter of administration - if the will is unavailable

The customer completes a Vehicle Transfer form and returns their previous plate(s). A fee of $25.00 is needed to purchase the new License Plates. Additionally, the insurance policy needs to be updated with the new registration number.  If needed, the customer is expected to go back through inspection.

  • A driver license can be renewed 60 days prior to expiration. The applicant comes to the Department of Motor Vehicle to take picture and have their eye Exam done. The applicant is also required to complete the Renewal Driver’s form.

Please note that no one can renew a Driver’s License for someone else because their eye exam is required.

Building Code regulations are available at the Public Works Department - Main Office for a fee of $15.00

To report a fault about a roadway, persons should contact the Public Works Department or email us at  To request grading of roads, persons should submit a letter to the Director, Public Works Department.

For new road signage or traffic calming devices, persons should submit a letter of request to the Ministry of Communication and Works. To report a sign that needs repair, persons should contact the Public Works Department - Main Office.